Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

The power of a smile is often underrated and overlooked. Sometimes a simple smile from a stranger changes your whole outlook for the day. As we all know, smiling is incredibly contagious. How many times have you walked by a smiling stranger and you automatically smile back. Did you know that over 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day? A smile also happens to be one of your best assets. And of course, your teeth are the most noticeable feature when you smile. Make sure your teeth are sparkling white by thorough brushing from an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes have many benefits over a manual ordinary toothbrush. Check out our buying guide below before reading our electric toothbrush reviews so you are informed on what to look for.

Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide

There are quite a few benefits of owning an electric toothbrush over a manual brush. Not only do you not have to do all the work, but an electric toothbrush also does the work more efficiently too. An electric toothbrush can move thousands of times per minute as opposed to a few hundred when using a manual brush. It’s impossible to try to match the speed of an electric toothbrush, trust me I’ve tried and my arm hated me that day. Our electric toothbrush reviews list each toothbrushes’ movement speed so you can make sure you get the best electric toothbrush. There are two types of electric toothbrushes on the market today – vibration or rotation-oscillation. There are also different techniques for brushing your teeth with the different types of electric toothbrushes as well. If you end up purchasing a vibration electric toothbrush then you would brush your teeth the same way you would with a manual toothbrush going over each tooth (but without all the back and forth effort). If you purchase a rotation-oscillation electric toothbrush then you simply move the toothbrush slowly from tooth to tooth.

Electric Toothbrushes ReviewedAs you will notice in our electric toothbrush reviews, several of the models come with different brushing modes. If you have sensitive gums, make sure you select a toothbrush that has a sensitive mode for gentle cleaning. Other modes that you might find useful are deep cleaning, whitening mode and gum massage mode. I usually go by the mantra of, the more modes the better! Just as long as you don’t feel you are overpaying for features you will not use.

There’s several other features to pay attention to when reading over the electric toothbrush reviews. One feature I find that’s really helpful is the automatic shutoff. After several minutes the toothbrush will automatically stop so you know when you have brushed your teeth long enough. That was a problem I used to have before wised up and purchased an electric toothbrush, some days I would brush for what seems like forever because I was worried I wasn’t brushing long enough. Now you don’t have to worry if you have brushed for long enough as the toothbrush will tell you. Also make sure you get an electric toothbrush with rechargeable batteries. Batteries cost enough as it is, no need to keep replacing them in your toothbrush. In addition to that don’t bother with a corded model. If you are going to get an electric toothbrush go cordless!

Before purchasing an electric toothbrush based off our reviews, also pay attention to how much the replaceable brush heads cost. Most manufacturers recommend changing your brush head every three to sixth months so you will have to purchase brush heads in the future. Some electric toothbrushes come with a few heads which is also a nice bonus. Certain brands also have an indicator on the brush head itself when it is time to change out the head. Usually the indicator will be a group of colored bristles.

The last thing to keep in mind when looking through our electric toothbrush reviews is reliability. An electric toothbrush can be quite the spendy purchase and you want to make sure you aren’t having to buy another one a few months down the road. The user reviews on Amazon will typically show whether there are reliability issues with the particular electric toothbrush you have your eyes on. To view one of our reviews simple click on one of the electric toothbrush reviews below!

Best Electric Toothbrush 2015

Or if you want to skip reading through each of our electric toothbrush reviews and want to go right to the best electric toothbrush then you are in luck! As we do more electric toothbrush reviews we continually update our best electric toothbrush list so you can rest assure that you are looking at the best of the best. Check out our best electric toothbrush of 2015.

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