Best Home Theater Systems 2015

Home Theater Systems Explained Home Theater System commonly referred to as home theater in a box, HTIB are home entertainment systems design to replicate the  commercial theater feeling and performance but in the comfort of your private abode. HTIB are multiply component pre-packaged together which can include DVD or Blu-ray Disc Player, a multi-channel amplifier with surround sound decoder and the radio tuner. All necessary wiring comes with your system usually color-labeled for easy setup.  A remote control, a set of surround sound speakers, and a sub-woofer complete most Home Entertainment System.   hometheatersystemIf you’re an audiophile you would prefer to buy each component separately and assemble it yourself. This can be very expensive depending on the brand and feature you want. In this way, you are able to choose the perfect brand type for each part and customize your home cinema system. However, buying separate components can be very pricey, time-consuming assembling the different components, especially if you’re not a techie. Buying  a Quality HTIB many of these challenges would be eliminated and would be a more cost effective solution.   3 Reasons To Buy a Home Theater System: There are many reasons for wanting your own Home Theater System.  Most want to enjoy the theatrical commercial experience when you go to the movies and spend way too much money, but at home.

  1. Easy To Use & Set-Up:If you do not have the electronics know-how, purchasing an all-in-one system will definitely make your life easier. There are many quality Home theater In a Box units that will provide you a quality home theater experience. You will just have to be aware of the details by understanding the components that come along with it.


  1. All-In-One System:A home theater system usually comes with complete set of speakers and subwoofers, home theater receiver, the necessary cables for connection, DVD player and sometimes Ethernet port that can let you connect on the internet for online audio and video streaming. These complete all in one system will reduce the hassle of connecting each component to one another.


  1. High Quality Performance Sound:The home theater receiver has built in surrounds sound decoding, this processes and amplifies the audio signals delivered through the speakers. The set of speakers usually made up of two frontal speakers, one for center, two or four in the rear or surrounding area, and a subwoofer.  Subwoofer is basically a woofer or loudspeaker that is designed to produce the low frequency of sound or bass in a common term. Home theater system receivers come with both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders to process the audio being distributed on the DVD. All necessary wiring come along with your system usually color-labeled for easy1 2 3 setup.

Conclusion:  Home Theater in a box (HTIB) is great option to achieve  that cinema experience in the comfort of your private abode. Before buying a home theater system, you must first define your specific needs and requirements. Is this for a large room or small room, do you want 5.1-channel audio, and high-quality front video projectors? What’s your budget $500, $1000, or $100,000? These are questions to consider before finding the best Home Theater System for your needs.


How To Get Started? The easiest and fastest way to get started with your own Home Theater System is to buy from our Recommended Products list at We reviewed several Top Home Theater Systems that have been designed specifically for people who want quality an dependable systems.

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#1 Rated Option: Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel 

#2 Rated Option: Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater

#3 Rated Option:  Denon DHT-1325BA Surround System

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