Bionaire BH3950-U Micathermic Heater

Our next electric space heater destined to be reviewed is the Bionaire BH3950-U Micathermic Element Console Heater which uses a compact micathermic heating element that combines 80% of fast convection- and 20% of reflective-heating (to warm the air directly in front of unit) with 2 power settings (maximum 1,500 Watts) while maintaining quiet operation.

The unit itself is housed in a modern looking cool-to-the-touch fire-resistant plastic body with mountable rolling wheels and a large carrying handle for convenient transportation.  The wheels and the handle require some minor assembly but no tools are required for it.

The safety features implemented in the Bionaire BH3950-U is a tip over protection which shuts the appliance down automatically in case of accidental situations.

This portable electric heater is designed for steady, long term usage thanks to unique Micathermic panel and also ideal for heating larger rooms and spaces. The adjustable thermostat makes sure the heater is working effectively and the chosen temperature is maintained by turning the heater on and off when necessary, and saving you a few bucks on the energy bills during the process. Comes with 5-year warranty.

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  • Lightweight electric heater with 1,500 Watts of power which is ideal for heating larger rooms.
  • Two heating settings, an adjustable thermostat for efficiency, automatic shut-down mechanism against tip over and overheating.
  • Micathermic heating element produces both convection and reflective heat for immediate warmth.
  • Easy to carry around from room to room with easy to glide wheels and the carry handle.
  • 5-year warranty.

Customer feedback and reviews:

A buyer told us his story about their quest finding the best portable space heater for their bedroom. The motivation was not wanting to use the central heating in the whole house when it is not necessary, like at night when they were residing in the master bedroom.

Their first choice was a Bionaire Tower Ceramic Heater which was sent back instantly after realizing how loud the equipped fan is. They needed something quiet for night. The next choice was an oil-filled radiator, obviously. On the noise front the portable radiator did well, but the heating power wasn’t that impressive at all. It needed an hour to make some difference in the room’s temperature.

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This time decided to try the Bionaire BH3900 and was really impressed with the result. It was totally noiseless and still effective in heating. Heats up a room faster than an oil-filled radiator due the radiant heat escaping on the sides.

The handle and the wheel can be fitted without any tools, the screws are easily tightened by the hands it can be done in no time.

The thermostat control is manual, some users said it would be a bit better if it was digital a bit harder to find the personal sweet spot this way.

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