Bunn STX Review

To make some great coffee, you’ll need a great coffee maker. The Bunn STX Coffee Brewer has the capacity to hold and brew 4 to 10 cups in just three to five minutes. You won’t have to worry about your coffee getting cold any time soon with its vacuum insulation and double wall features that can keep your drink warm for about two hours.

It also has a one-of-a-kind sprayhead system which allows the machine to extract coffee evenly, giving a better taste. Plus, the stainless steel hot water tank gives you perfect heating temperatures for that perfect cup.

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Bunn STX Reviews

Several reviewers of the Bunn STX gave it positive and favorable reviews. They say that it has a great design that fits any kitchen countertop plus the stainless steel accents really catch the eye. As for the brewer itself, it has the capacity to make 10 cups (which is around 50 ounces) of coffee. The internal pot can also keep hot water and will make it available for you anytime you need it.

Reviewers say that the Bunn STX makes coffee real quick. You just need to wait 3 to 5 minutes for that perfect blend. It also has a thermal carafe so that you will only occasionally need to take off the lid. With it, you won’t have to reheat coffee. As many may have experienced, reheated coffee loses the texture and consistency of freshly made coffee. Plus, of course, with such a carafe that stays consistently hot, you’ll be sure of the fact that it won’t break easily – this is also true for the other parts of the coffee machine.

Another great feature is that you don’t have to worry much about the temperature, as it stays into optimal levels and never “overcooks” your coffee. This gave the reviewers a sense of comfort over their coffee cup. The depository for the water acts like a hot water reservoir which allows you to have coffee fast. Some reviewers say it’s even faster than having instant coffee! Now, you’ll have the great and original taste of brewed coffee with in an instant – something that will really please especially when “surprise guests” arrive.

Reviewers also found that the absence of any complicated knobs, dials, timers and whatnot complete the overall experience of having quick and easy coffee in great quality. Depending on your preference though, the absence of customization tools might be a con for you, but, since it works so well, you probably wouldn’t mind this at all. The Bunn ST Velocity is also quite huge and might take up a lot of space. Plus, with all its features, the price can get really high. Other than these complaints, the Bunn ST Velocity is still a pretty solid home brewer. With its no-nonsense minimalist design, consistent supply of water and fast brewing system, you’ll be sure to enjoy great tasting coffee for the first, second, third and even the fourth time.

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