Dyson Hot Bladeless Fan Heater

Now this is a good one, the Dyson Hot Fan Heater is the cousin of the Dyson Bladeless Fan (also known as the Dyson air multiplier) and is the best looking space heater/fan we ever seen. It looks like it came out of a shelf from the museum of the modern arts, straight into your living room.

The Dyson hot is basically a Dyson air multiplier – which uses a clever blade-less design forcing the jet of air through the air-foil shaped ramp using the process of inducement and entrailment – with a heating element added to it which means it can be used the whole year. No need to put away the fan the end of the summer and switch it to a space heater, you can keep using the appliance the whole year. This product is a two-in-one which is important to establish before me move on to a different matter: the price. Which is well in luxury category price range.

But what does the consumer get for the money?
The appliance itself is 1300 Watts powered which means we can’t expect as high heating output than the 1500 Watt powered electric space heaters would deliver but a bit less.
However the stream of warm air is surprisingly comfortable. It isn’t too hot it feels just all right and using the bladeless air multiplier design the warm air gets distributed in the room faster than it would be with oil-filled radiators.

The heating element itself is not exposed for the surrounding which is a good practice safety wise, also makes the cleaning of the appliance easier. The Dyson hot also comes with an automatic built-in tip-over safety cut-out feature and a thermostat for maintaining the room’s temperature.
The heater’s surface temperature and heating output temperature is maintained below the dust’s burning pointwhich means it can’t cause sore throat and allergic reactions.
The heater/fan comes with a remote controller which is simple to use and the read-outs on front of the appliance are clearly visible and easily readable.

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From the customer feedback reviews we established that the consumers who bought this product were satisfied with it and bought it mainly because it was a bladeless fan and a heater in one and during winter were able to turn the main furnace down for the night and heating only the bedroom with the Dyson hot.
On the other hand this space heater generates quite an amount of sound, sound of air flowing through the ramp of the bladeless fan air multiplier. The sound reminds of white noise and is not too noticeable in big city environment but can definitely be annoying in a suburban house but if the noise is an issue for you then you might be better off with a micathermic heater or an oil-filled radiator.

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