GoPro Hero 4 Black VS Silver

GoPro simply referred as “action camera”, is a small boxy action camera that has multiple features and options as well as image and video quality upgrades. Two of its latest models are Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver.

Are you trying to figure what is better between GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro Hero4 Silver? Would you fight for GoPro Hero4 Silver features and rather ignore the new one? Or are you going to pick the new and innovative features of GoPro Hero4 Black?  Absolutely, this is a clash between GoPro Hero4 Silver Vs Black!

GoPro Hero 4 Black VS Silver

If you are planning to upgrade your old camera or either opting to buy your very first GoPro baby, the following key points will determine the difference between GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver so you can avoid confusion.

Of Course, GoPro Hero4 silver, as it is the newest model of GoPro has more improved features than the older model, GoPro Hero4 Black. It includes better quality of video, more modes to choose for photos and video and added connectivity features. But then the life span of the battery is still relatively short.

Aside from that, the key difference of the two comes in:

  • Built-in touch Display LCD Screen

This is the very first improved feature that you would notice once you’ve inspect the camera. GoPro Hero4 Silver is the first in the GoPro series collection that has a built-in touch screen. Just like any camera in the market that has LCD on the back part, it also provides everyone live view on what the lens of the camera sees and at the same time, gives you the authority in the touch control. In addition to this, it has also developed new and specific button in adjusting camera settings. Simplified menu tabs were also created for easy navigation.


Compared to GoPro Hero4 Black, it does not have the built-in LCD screen. Getting the best shot through this cam is a matter of luck. Aside from that, you can never let your camera preview photos and videos with it. However, black can give you other choices in capturing your most unforgettable moments.

  • Video modes

When it comes to the quality of video, Black is better than Silver. It has the ability to record up to 60mb/s compared to Silver that can only accommodate 45mb/s. Not to mention that Black can also allow up to 4K video for 30fps that is nothing compared to the latter that can only allow 15fps. Take note that high quality video requires much on the memory card.

  • Size and weight

When it comes to the dimensional measurements, both of the cameras have the same measurements. They have the same standard as well as waterproof housing.

But, they differ on the size of the underwater case. The Hero4 Black weighs 150.6g while the Hero4 Silver weighs only 142.1g.

  • Live stream functionality

Your GoPro cameras have the ability to go with the Streaming services through the use of Internet. You need to connect your phone to be able to browse on GoPro Wifi network. By then, you can stream for data via your mobile data connection.

  • Other features

These two products can capture photos with its time lapse feature that can be set in night mode, Protune mode and can produce 30 consecutive killer shot in just a second. Moreover, it can also shoot photos with 12 megapixels and has a built-in connectivity specifically Bluetooth and wifi. Both can accommodate Micro SD card and they are using the same batteries that are not applicable in the previous models.


Both the Hero4 silver and Hero4 Black have the ability to transfer and control the data from your camera to your phone. This is to let you manipulate the data in your camera through your phone when you want to share it to your friends and family via social media. This mobile app capability is so far one of the best features of the cam into action. This is the feature that an ordinary cam can’t perform.

What would you buy?

Hero4 Black is the best camera to buy when you are looking for the action. But then, it is not cheaper though.  Well, having this kind of camera is not bad since you are about to own a Hollywood-type device that can give a perfect slow motion shot at fantastic angles.

But if you want to settle for less, then go for Hero4 Silver. Aside from that, it is not that expensive and it has handy touch screen. It has longer battery life too. But then, you need to prepare yourself for its less resolution and less speed.

As a conclusion, GoPro models are really awesome. Whatever you will choose between the two, make sure to choose what will fit to your needs and your budget.

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