Makita MAC5200 Vs Rolair VT25BIG – Which Air Compressor Is Better?

Portable Air Compressor What will be the best compressor that will make your work efficiently and swiftly? These days, you are given several compressor products to choose from.  Your only problem is to efficiently and wisely choose which of these compressors will give you the best performance.  Makita MAC5200 and Rolair VT25BIG are some of notable compressor products. But which of this can really give you the best output or performance? Makita MAC5200 vs Rolair VT25BIG which will be the finest? Feature Comparison- Makita MAC5200 Vs Rolair VT25BIG

  • Makita has a folding handle and contains rugged wheels, while Rolair VT25BIG has a splash lubrication.
  • Makita also has a storage compartment (built-in) and has wrap air hose. Its pump is cast iron having a bog bore piston and cylinder, while Rolair VT25BIG contains shed iron cylinder.
  • Makita contains powerful motor, 3.0 HP that generates 6.5 CFM. Rolair VT25BIG has also powerful motor (3400 RPM) generating 6.5 CFM.

Advantages Comparison- Makita MAC5200 Vs Rolair VT25BIG-

  • Storage efficiency

In Makita MAC5200, you will not encounter hard time storing.   Through its folding handle, it becomes low profile which enables you to keep it in the easiest way.  Its storage compartment that is built in also gives you convenience in air fitting as well as accessory storage.  You will also be convenient through its hose wrap.  You will have no hard time keeping it. Like Makita, Rolair VT25BIG, this can also be easy to store because it also has a folding handle.  You will also be satisfied by the performance of this one.

  • Performance

Through Makita MAC5200‘s iron pumps, you will experience a faster time of recovery, which is responsible for receiving an increased performance. You can also rely on its powerful motor.  Furthermore, its cast iron pump or cylinder stroke very well, which offers you maximum performance. Just like Makita, this will also give you wonderful performance.  The two almost have the same powerful motor.  Through this, you will not have any hard time using it throughout the day. It has superb quality and is made of very thick tube frame. Through this, you could not just rely on its performance, but also, you are guaranteed of its durability. In terms of performance, Makita MAC5200 vs Rolair VT25BIG both perform really great.

  • Productivity

Aside from increased performance, you will also be benefited by the increased in productivity brought by Makita MAC5200.  Through its powerful motor, experience a faster and easier work.  Its power as well as performance will enable you to run 2 framing nailers. Rolair VT25BIG also offers you great performance.  You will be able to have an easy control throughout your use in this tool because this is accessible.   Through this compressor is a bit noisy, you have nothing to doubt in its capacity and productivity.

  • Compressor Noise level

You will surely love Makita MAC5200 because you will hear less noise. Unlike in Rolair VT25BIG, you will surely be disturbed its noise. It’s a direct drive that is why it appears that way.  

The Disadvantages- Makita MAC5200 Vs Rolair VT25BIG The obvious disadvantages in having these two compressors are its price. But for thee performance and durability of these two, everything will surely worth it.  Both Makita MAC5200 and Rolair VT25BIG provide efficiency and welfare in your every work.  Through its features, you will experience the best of these products.  But in Rolair VT25BIG, aside from the price, the most notable thins about it is the amount of noise level.  Unlike Makita (which creates less noise) this is more than noisy. But still, it performs great.

Customer Reviews and Scores- Makita MAC5200 Vs Rolair VT25BIG Both the two compressors got outstanding customer reviews ad scores.  Makita MAC5200 vs. Rolair VT25BIG reviews, both equally receive positive and totally high scores from each of the customers. In Makita MAC5200, one customer stated that it is definitely better than what he has before.  He said that it is compact and has a very sufficient space for storage. He’s so glad of purchasing a portable, compact, compressor output as well as easy controllable compressor.  Because of several benefits that he got from it, he gave five out of five ratings on this product. Likewise, customers of Rolair VT25BIG are also overwhelmed on this compressor.  One of its users said that this compressor is very awesome.  He is very impressed on its cart making it perfect of wheeling.  He’s also very amazed on its recovery rate which is definitely beyond his expectation. Due to the convenience and help given by this compressor, he gave five out of 5 rating scale ratings. In choosing the best product, you must first know or observe tits beneficial features. It will serve as your guide in identifying the advantages that you may get in a particular product. In Makita MAC5200 vs. Rolair VT25BIG, it is truly evident that Makita MAC5200 has greater capability compared to Rolair VT25BIG. But all in all, both of them work efficiently in making your work easier and faster.

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