Natural Tattoo Removal

Natural Tattoo Removal If you’ve read through some of the articles on this site about the various tattoo removal methods, I’m sure you noticed that, even though they can work fairly well, albeit expensive, most of them involve PAIN, as well as some serious side effects such as bleeding, infection, scarring, etc.

Getting your tattoo in the first place involved pain, so it would be expected that removing it would involve pain also–right?  Well, no…

If you know much about the history of tattoos, you also know that tattooing has been around for about 6,000 years.  Let’s say 5,000 years ago an Ice Age man decides, for some appropriate Ice Age reason we may never fathom, that he no longer wants his tattoo.

Obviously he doesn’t have the option of laser removal, but some crude form of excision with a stone knife (ouch) or dermabrasion (rubbing dirt or sand into his tattoo) may have come to his mind, but he nixed them because of the pain and possible infection that could result in his death.  Even 5,000 years ago, Ice Age men weren’t stupid.  :>)

Luckily our Ice Age man is well versed in natural ways of doing things.  That’s all he had.

Present Day Tattooed Man has these same natural ways of tattoo removal.  They’re just not well known–for two reasons:

1.  They can take a few months to work and Modern Day Man
wants instant gratification.

2.  They are comprised of common ingredients so doctors and pharmaceutical companies CAN’T MAKE ANY MONEY OFF THEM.

Common ingredients used in natural removal methods help break up the tattoo ink pigments by stimulating the immune and lymphatic systems (among other things)–cheaply, at home, pain free, and with no skin damage.

Of all the natural methods I reviewed this one seems to be the best with the most comprehensive information.  You can get a list of the recommended ingredients, how to combine them, what to do (and what not to do), and much more information about it in this ebook.

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