Philips Sonicare HX5610 Review

The Philips Sonicare HX5610 also known as the Essence 5600 is one of Philips more cost conscious electric toothbrushes. In fact is the lowest priced Philips Sonicare out of all the electric toothbrush reviews we have done to date! We picked up ours from Amazon for only $55.51 giving us a savings of $14.48 off the retail price of $69.99. So what do you get for this low price?

Well you won’t get some of the many wonderful features the Philips Sonicare HX6972 andPhilips Sonicare HX6711 but it does deliver Sonicare’s patented sonic technology. You get Sonic Technology at a speed of up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute. Not only that you also get Philips Sonicare’s Smartimer brushing system and their Easy-Start technology eases you in to using an electric toothbrush for the first time. Essentially the HX5610 gently increases its electric toothbrush power of the first 12 uses so you can easily adjust to an electric toothbrush. The batteries also last up to 2 weeks before needing to be recharged and you also get a carrying case for when you need to travel away from home.

Philips Sonicare HX5610 Features

Sonic Technology delivers up to 31,000 brush stroker per minute
Smartimer tracks how long you brush your teeth up to 2 minutes
Easy-Start gradually increase brushing power over first 12 uses
Travel time of 14 days (2 brushings/day 2min/brush)
Angled neck and contoured bristles allows you to brush in comfort
Compatible with Philips Sonicare’s e-series brush heads


Philips Sonicare HX5610 Pros and Cons

Pros: You get Philips Sonicare’s awesome sonic technology. Another nice feature is it’s long battery life of 2 weeks between charges. Not only that, you also get Sonicare’s smartimer 2 minute brushing timer so you know when you teeth are clean. Lastly, we found their Easy-Start to be quite a useful feature for those that are new to electric toothbrushes. All this for a very low price.

Cons: The old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true with the Philips Sonicare HX5610. You won’t get any of Sonicare’s different cleaning modes nor will you get their brush head sanitizer either. We found their HX5610 to be a bit bulky and the feel of this electric toothbrush in our hand was not as comfortable as Philips Sonicare’s more pricey electric toothbrush.

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