Types of Airsoft Guns

Much like standard BB guns that shoot metal pellets, there are three types of cheap airsoft guns that you should be aware of when going to make a purchase of one. There are electric powered guns, gas powered guns, and spring powered guns. When choosing to buy your cheap airsoft gun, find one that best fits your style of play.

Spring Powered The spring powered guns are like those little Red Ryder BB guns you had when you were kid. They require cocking after each shot typically with the use of some form of lever. You can find a lot of the cheap airsoft pistols that use the spring shooting format. Buy Cheap Spring Airsoft Guns Gas Powered The gas powered guns can do one thing that the spring loaded guns can not. That is that they can offer a semi-automatic feel. They often utilize small CO2 cartridges that you can buy at Wal-mart or Target. You can shoot several times before having to replace the cartridge. Buy Cheap Gas Airsoft Guns

Electric Powered The electric guns are the most sought after out of the three. The reasons are pretty simple, with the use of rechargeable batteries there is no on-going cost outside of ammo unlike the gas powered weapons. Also, cocking can sometimes be annoying in the middle of play. There will often be times where you want to be able to shoot quickly and the electric guns are without a doubt the fastest. Guns like the AK-47 that require an automatic firing will always be electric based. Just like the gas powered, the gun will last for quite a while on the standard battery pack that they come with. Buy Cheap Electric Airsoft Guns

Please note that although airsoft guns are meant to be replicas of real guns, they shoot slower and are much safer than the use of real BB guns. In fact, it has been stated that this is one of the safest sports in existence if proper safety equipment is used. You should always wear protection gear when using any of the three types of guns.

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